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Kismet Healing Arts

Therapeutic Massage Since 2010

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Zee.
As a small business owner, every connection I make with a new client is exciting & important to me.
Whether from an acute or chronic injury, repetitive stress, or the gradual wear & tear that comes with being human, my goal is to determine the cause of your aches & imbalances. With continued communication, we will work together to find the perfect pressure & explore additional tools like stretches, yoga poses, & postural habit adjustments to help you reach your maximum movement potential!
Does massage work? Check out these testimonials of past clients! 
As a non-binary practitioner who uses they/them pronouns, I do my best to honor your pronouns & chosen name to cultivate a space in which you feel seen & heard.
I am especially honored to work with queer & trans youth & offer a confidential environment to connect with your body, while navigating struggles with body dysmorphia & gender dysphoria.
I also welcome kids processing trauma, struggling with ADHD or health conditions, or just curious about bodywork. I've treated clients as young as 5!
For clients under 18, I have a waiting room connected to the treatment room for legal guardians to sit in during the session.
Massage & bodywork offer a moment of connection & wholeness that can inspire healing on a physical, mental, & emotional level. You deserve peace of mind & relief from pain. 
Mobile sessions are not available at this time.
I don't bill insurance but I am able to charge HSA & FSA cards & can provide a Superbill for folks who qualify for insurance reimbursement.
Please inquire via email if you have an auto accident claim, as I only take one active case at a time.

Covid protocols in effect indefinitely:

- Well-fitting masks required inside at all times. (I have extras if you forget yours.)

- Open windows, air purifier, thorough sanitizing of all surfaces, & one hour between clients.

- If you have cold or flu-like symptoms, your session will be cancelled & the credit will go back into your account to be rebooked by you later.

- If you need to blow your nose or drink water, I’ll ask you to do it next to the open front door. 

- While I do not check client vaccination status, I myself am up to date on all Covid and flu vaccinations & take Covid tests frequently. 

- Being immune compromised myself, I take these precautious seriously.


The Treatment Space - Crown Hill /Ballard



There is a 150′ path from the front street to the treatment room, with 2 gates, 4 stairs, and some stones set in the slanted grass walkway. Alternatively, I can guide you through parking in the driveway, accessed by the alley (gray arrow). Free street parking.

The 45 Bus Line from the University District runs every 15 minutes and drops off/picks up half a block away. The 40 Bus Line from Downtown Seattle runs 10 blocks away.



This was my first time getting a professional massage and I was a little nervous. They made me feel right at home and very comfortable. Wonderfully decorated environment with a calming vibe. Loads of lovely scents (or unscented) lotions to choose from and I was offered the option to choose my own music. I'd definitely love to go back for another round. HIGHLY recommend.


Had an excellent maternity massage! I was soooo preggo and suffering from restless leg syndrome, and it was very hard to get comfortable and sleep most nights. Post massage, I was so relaxed that I think I slept for 10 hours straight!


Absolutely Spectacular!!! Literally the best massage I have ever received ever and I will be going back! Excellent environment, very comfortable as well. Zee has the ability to put you right at ease and is truly the expert at healing. I'm a professional performer and pulled a muscle in my low back. Zee had me back on the dance floor in no time!!!


My boyfriend and I took a couple's class from Zee and it was wonderful! We both had a great time and learned so much! They were so patient and never made us feel rushed. They let us ask as many questions as we needed to, and provided honest, educational feedback. Their space is very cozy and inviting, you feel very safe there. We can't wait to take another class with them!


After having issues with range of motion and pain in my scapula and wrists, Zee did a fantastic job zeroing in on what needed to be done. After a day the pain was gone. I felt great after our session, and I now book as often as I can afford.



I have issues relating to my lower back and hips. Zee was able to help me get relief from the pain I was having. They are very compassionate and knowledgeable. I appreciate their ability to know when to really dig in and when to take it easy. If you're looking for someone who treats you with respect and has the skills to put you on the path to feeling better, Zee is the person for you.


I had the Thai floor massage and it really helped loosen up some tension spots in my muscles! Zee is really great. I will be back!


I hadn’t been to see Zee in a few years and was reminded immediately how much I appreciate their intuition and understanding of body work. I had some specific areas we addressed and I left feeling some much needed relief. I highly recommend them!


If you're hurting, and you prefer working with professional healers that can create a safe and accepting space for you, this is the spot. Warm, calm, none of that clinical vibe whatsoever.

Kismet is absolutely the place to go if you need deeper work than just a relaxing massage. Zee is intuitive, empathetic, and capable of holding incredible space for finding the source of your pain and releasing tension. They're more than a massage therapist, they're a healer.


Very cozy private work space, I would definitely recommend this location. I opted for scented oil during the massage but I appreciated that there didn't seem to be any incense/perfume smell when I walked in which can be really overestimating at some spas/massage places.


Zee is an incredible massage therapist who listens to your needs before the massage and then really listens to your body during it. Great amount of pressure, differing in different areas as requested. Helpful discussion afterwards.

I highly recommend the hot stones on top of the already fulfilling massage you will get just due to their skill and compassion.



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