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Lindsey Parker, LMT

Exciting news! Yoga classes are up and running! To learn about upcoming classes, vote for times and days in my class poll, or request a style, day, or location for a future yoga class, check out my Linktree:

Now accepting new clients!

Current Covid protocols in effect indefinitely: masks required inside at all times, an hour between clients for air purification, open windows, & thorough sanitizing of all surfaces with medical grade antiseptic wipes. If you need to blow your nose or drink water, I’ll ask you to do it next to the front door. Thank you!

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Zee. I became a licensed massage therapist in 2010 & opened my business in 2017. Every connection I make with a new client is exciting! My passion is to help you progress on your journey to healing as best I can.

Whether from an acute or chronic injury, repetitive stress, or the gradual wear & tear that comes with being human, my ultimate goal is to determine the cause of your aches & imbalances, create change through bodywork, & provide additional tools like stretches, yoga poses, & postural habit adjustments as well as ergonomics assessments to help you feel safe, secure, & strong!

Each body responds best to a specific combination of depth & pressure, though the same pressure may not be ideal for every muscle in your body. Getting to know the way your meat-suit uniquely reacts is the most important factor for a great massage! With continued communication & check ins, we will work together to tailor your session to fit your individual needs!

As a non-binary practitioner, I do my best to honor pronouns & chosen names to cultivate an LGBTQIA safe space. I am especially honored to work with queer and trans youth & offer a confidential environment to connect with to bodies while navigating struggles with body dysmorphia & gender dysphoria.

Accessibility: There is a 150′ path from the front street to the treatment room, with 2 gates, 4 stairs, and some stones set in the slanted grass walkway. Alternately, I can guide you through parking in the driveway, accessed by the alley.

Mobile sessions are not available at this time.

I do not accept insurance but I am able to charge HSA & FSA cards & can provide a Superbill for insurance reimbursement.

Please inquire via email if you have an auto accident claim, as I only take one active case at a time.

Text: (206)819-7205