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Richmond Beach location now open & accepting new clients!
Mobile massage available M/W/F 10:30am - 3pm! 

Kismet Healing Arts

Richmond Beach Studio: M-F 11am - 6pm

60 Minute Studio Massage

A 60 minute massage is good for a general whole body relaxation massage, with 5 minutes per area. If you have a problem area that needs more time, I suggest a longer session or we will need to take time away from other areas. 

75 Minute Studio Massage

This session length is perfect for whole body relaxation with extra focus on 1 additional area. 

90 Minute Studio Massage

This session length is ideal for whole body relaxation with extra focus on 1-3 problem areas. 

2 Hour Studio Massage

This session is great for folks with complex problem areas or old injuries to work out.

Table Massage Add-Ons Include:

  • Hot Stones: $20
  • 3 Pumps CBD: $10
  • Full body CBD: $20
  • Sillicone Cupping: complimentary
  • Aromatherapy: complimentary
  • Hot towel: complimentary
  • Gloved Intra-oral (inner mouth) between 5-15 minutes: complimentary

90 Minute Thai Floor Massage

Thai massage combines ancient stretching & massage techniques to open your muscles & joints! Utilizing hands, forearms, knees, & feet, I use my full body weight to press into your muscles.


Partner Massage Workshop

In this private class, we will spend the first portion going over massage techniques, then you will both choose 2-3 areas of focus, so you can learn how to help each other feel better, without hurting yourself in the process! 

Itinerary: proper warm-up techniques, anatomy, defining knots, saving your hands, & future preventative measures. 

In a polycule? Want to bring 2 roommates? No prob! Sign up for the 90 minute workshop or inquire about a 2 hour class!

$100/hr, $150/90

Virtual Ergonomics Assessment

With the skills I learned through the OSHA certified ergonomics course, I can help you ensure your home office is set up as ideally as possible.

Mobile Massage: M/W/F 10:30am - 3pm

Mobile Massage

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 10:30am-3pm
  • 5 Stair Limit
  • $20 Discount if you have a table
  • Back to back sessions & prepay packages available!

Mobile Massage Zone 1

Within 30 minutes one direction of Richmond Beach.

Add $50 travel fee to the service menu above. 

Travel fee already factored into online booking. 


Mobile Massage Zone 2

Over 30 minutes but under 45 minutes of drive time one direction from Richmond Beach. 

Add $75 travel fee to the service menu above. 

Travel fee already factored into online booking. 

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Chair Massage

Event Chair & Thai Massage

Great for employee appreciation day, corporate events, birthdays/weddings, & street fairs. I have a 10'x10' popup, massage chair, & a Thai mat on a metal frame. 

Rates typically run $2/minute. Discounts available for consecutive hours booked in advance.  



Private Yoga Tutorial

Are you interested in private yoga tutorials? To schedule an intake and goal assessment, start here!

Yoga Class Poll

Have a style of yoga you want to learn? Want to see a class at a specific time or part of town? Vote here!

20 Minute Custom Yoga Tutorial

30 Minute Custom Yoga Tutorial

45 Minute Custom Yoga Tutorial

60 Minute Custom Yoga Tutorial

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