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Massage & Yoga in Richmond Beach


Studio Service Menu

60 Minute Studio Massage

When divided equally, 60 minutes equals 5 minutes per body part. If you have a problem area that needs more time, I suggest a longer session or we will need to take time away from other areas. 

75 Minute Studio Massage

This session length is perfect for whole body relaxation with extra focus on 1 additional area. 

90 Minute Studio Massage

This session length is ideal for whole body relaxation with extra focus on 1-3 problem areas. 

2 Hour Studio Massage

This session is great for folks with complex problem areas or old injuries to work out.

Table Massage Add-Ons:

  • Hot Stones - Half set: $10 / Full set: $20
  • CBD oil - 3 Spots: $10 / Full body: $20
  • Sillicone Cupping: complimentary
  • Aromatherapy: complimentary
  • Hot towel: complimentary

90 Minute Thai Floor Massage

Fully clothed Thai massage combines ancient stretching techniques with traditional massage moves to open your muscles & joints! Utilizing my hands, forearms, knees, & feet, I use my full body weight to press into your muscles.


90 Minute Partner Workshop

In this private class, I will teach you and your class partner how to massage each other, without hurting yourself in the process! Not strictly for romantic partners - You can bring a housemate, friend, or family member.

In a polycule? Want to bring 2 roommates? No prob! Let me know and we can chat about a 2 hour class!


Virtual Ergonomics Assessment

With the skills I learned through the OSHA certified ergonomics course, I can help you ensure your home office is set up as ideally as possible through a Zoom video chat. 

Standard assessment length: 20-30 minutes.


Treatment Styles

Swedish Relaxation

This treatment style is gentle and relaxing while still addressing problem areas and releasing tension. Ideal for folks who have MS, fibromyalgia, or other skin or pressure sensitivities. Also great for calming the nervous system. 

Deep Tissue

This is the 'get stuff done' modality. We are on a mission to find the source of the issue and flush it out! Utilizes more pressure, more elbow, and more focused work, without causing you any additional pain. 

Silicone Cupping

If you've googled cupping in the past, you may see images of dark purple circles, but that's only one style of cupping. Don't worry - you won't walk away looking like you've just hugged an octopus! 

Silicone cups are soft and can be used with varying degrees of intensity. They create space by pulling the muscle away from itself and increase blood flow by moving stagnant blood.

Select this add-on at checkout, no extra charge.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Fascia is the connective tissue webbing that runs through and around organs, muscles, and bones. Tight fascia can limit flexibility and range of motion. MFR focuses on stretching and releasing tight spots in the fascia to improve mobility and elasticity. 

Gloved Intra Oral

Wearing nitrile gloves, I use one finger to massage the tender muscles inside the jaw and create space to improve mobility and release tension caused by TMJD, clenching, and grinding. 

Select this add-on at checkout, no extra charge.

Undraped Chest/Breast Massage

A thorough consent discussion is required for all genders before adding this service to your treatment plan.

Includes unclothed massage of the chest, ribcage, abdomen, and front of hips. Great for preparation of and recovery from top or augmentation surgery, pregnancy discomfort, difficulty breathing, back pain from hunching over a computer, to name a few. To learn more, check out this blog!

Select this add-on at checkout, no extra charge.

Mobile Massage

Mobile Massage Map crop

Mobile Details

Online booking for mobile massage available Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 10:30am - 3pm
Evenings available by request: send me an email
One time travel fee of $50 or $75 per location
5 stair limit due to physical limitations
$20 discount if you have your own massage table 
Chair Massage

Chair Massage

Great for employee appreciation day, corporate events, birthdays/weddings, festivals, & street fairs. I have a 10'x10' popup, massage chair or table, & a Thai mat on a metal frame. 

Rates typically run $2/minute.

One time travel fee of $50 or $75 per location.

Please email for more information.


Private Yoga Tutorial

Are you interested in private yoga tutorials? To schedule an intake and goal assessment, start here!

Yoga Class Poll

Have a style of yoga you want to learn? Want to see a class at a specific time or part of town? Vote here!

20 Minute Custom Yoga Tutorial

30 Minute Custom Yoga Tutorial

45 Minute Custom Yoga Tutorial

60 Minute Custom Yoga Tutorial

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